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Dog Training

We offer two types of options, Board & Train or Private Training, press whichever button to more information about and give us a call.

We Offer Two Levels

for Board & Train / Private Training

Basic on leash

(2 week or 3 private lessons)

This is perfect for people who need their dog to walk nicely on leash and follow basic commands in public and at home.

Advanced off leash

(4 week or 6 private lessons)

This program is recommended for those who want off leash reliability and public training. The 4 week program gives our our trainers more time to work with your dog which gives you better reliability.  

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Option 1

Board & Train / In-Home Training

At First Gen Dog Training, we specialize in results-oriented obedience training. Our trainers are highly-qualified to address any breed of dog. The training method developed by First Gen Dog Training is suitable for all dogs and is based on obedience and behavior modification.

Other traditional dog-training techniques, where the command “NO” is used to address unwanted behavior, only lead to behaved dogs while the owners are present. Our very unique training teaches the dog to teach itself, this way the training works even when you are away from the dog.

The Board and Training program at First Gen Dog Training comes in a 2 and 4 week that’s conducted in a highly-structured environment. After our training, your dogs will perform all the desired commands, and will achieve the control you desire.

Once your dog is trained, we then spend a couple of hours training you and your family! It is very important the rules and expectations are consistent, which is why we don’t leave until everyone feels 100% comfortable with continuing the training from home.

Along with training, your dogs will get structured outdoor/indoor socialization around other dogs.

This service is ideal for puppies, busy owners, training around high distractions and dogs that need extra attention.

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Option 2

Private Training

Our One on One Lesson is perfect for owners who want to be directly involved with the training. Enjoy the benefits of First Gen Dog training methods designed around your goals. Our highly-qualified trainers will help you train your dog while getting the same results as if they were in our professional facility.

We come to your home for two training sessions. Each session is scheduled two weeks apart, which allows you to have practice time in-between with your dog. Private sessions create an environment conducive to learning. Once your dog has mastered the basic fundamentals, you’ll learn how to have complete control of your dog off leash and during real world distractions. You’ll also learn how to stop all unwanted behaviors from your dog and maintain obedience around other animals and guests.

With our skilled trainers inside your home, you and your dog will learn to reach our training goals! In addition to providing private lessons through this program, we also offer unlimited follow-up for the life of your dog!

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